• Navkshitij - Home for Mentally Challenged Friends
    • Navkshitij - Clean green home for special friends
    • Navkshitij - Where special friends feel fit and happy
    • Navkshitij - We offer stress free living to special friends
  • Navkshitij was established to improve the well-being of mentally challenged friends – we take them under our wing, organize activities, teach them life skills and vocational skills, encourage them to become as independent as possible, and nurture them in a compassionate environment.

    The idea of Navkshitij took shape while planning and organizing a walkathon from Pune to Lonavla, for mentally challenged friends. Dr. Neelima Desai and the organisers discussed the need to set up a center for mentally challenged persons. 

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Medical Check up camp organised by Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital
Medical Check up camp organised by Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital

Annual  Medical Health  Check up camp was organized by Aditya Birla Memorial hospital on 15th July 2016 for all special friends and staff of Navkshitij.


Traffic Awareness Program at Bhumkar Chowk
Traffic Awareness Program at Bhumkar Chowk

"Traffic Awareness Program" was organized at Bhumkar Chowk .

The program was done with a view to create awareness in traffic rules and ensure that motorist are able to drive safely and avoid accidents,...

Traffic Awareness Program
Traffic Awareness Program

"Traffic Awareness Program" was organised at Rajiv Gandhi Intfotech Park, Phase 2 , Wipro Circle , Near Hinjewadi. In this area many vehicles are used for up and down from offices and everyday people face the problem of traffic.


At Navkshitij, we make chocolates, floaters and candles, handmade paper bags (4 sizes), greeting cards, diyas, jewellery including bracelet, ear rings, string of beads etc. and paper lanterns.