Admission Criteria: 

Age group: 18–35 age

IQ: 35–70 

We take in mentally challenged persons, not mentally ill persons. (We do not take in schizophrenics, autistic persons, patients with depressions and so on.)


Definition of Mentally Challenged:

Persons who have low IQ and have difficulty in understanding routine instructions. They cannot carry out their activities like others of their age.


*Activities like others of their age include the following:

1. Activities of communication (speech)

2. Self-care (cleaning of teeth, wearing clothes, taking bath, taking food, personal hygiene, etc.)

3. Home living (doing some household chores)

4. Social skills


Current Status, Residential Facility :


Place Males Females Vacancy for males Vacancy for females Total
Marunji(Residential) 37 14 0 0 43
Day school and workshop 12 3 Admission
Going on
Going on
 Autistic unit:workshop Admission
Going on 
Going on

 We provide pick and drop facility upto Bhosari.


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