Admission Criteria: 

Residential Workshop: Age group: 18–35 age

IQ: 35–70 

Day Workshop: Age: Above 18 years

Day School: Age: 06 to 18 years

Autism Centre: Age: above 18 years

Early Intervention Program: Age group: 02 – 08 years

Definition of Mentally Challenged:

Persons who have low IQ and have difficulty in understanding routine instructions. They cannot carry out their activities like others of their age.


*Activities like others of their age include the following:

1. Activities of communication (speech)

2. Self-care (cleaning of teeth, wearing clothes, taking bath, taking food, personal hygiene, etc.)

3. Home living (doing some household chores)

4. Social skills


Current Status, Residential Facility :


Place Males Females Vacancy for males Vacancy for females Total
Marunji Unit (Residential) 35 17 04 00 52
Aswali Unit (Residential) 09 00 00 00 09
Day school and workshop 09 3 Admission
Going on
Going on
 Autistic unit:workshop Admission
Going on 
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We provide pick and drop facility upto Sambhaji Nagar.


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