News & Events

Inauguration of new Day School Classroom

On 10th August, The inaugural ceremony of Day School project commenced with the lighting of the lamp by a group of dignified persons Mr. Ashwin Jaisinghani (Sr. Director – HR | P&ES), Pranav Tonge (India CSR coordinator), Deepali Patwardhan (WeKare core team member) of Capgemini group and Dr. Neelima Desai and Navkshitij staff. Navkshitij Day School is supported by Capgemini and Wekare Society.

Visit by Indira school of business study

On 9th of August, a group of 50 students from Indira School of Business Study visited Navkshitij. It was the part of Induction Program. The main objective of this visit was to orient students in-depth about different NGOs working in the social sector. All students were given an orientation about Navkshitij and a walkthrough of the campus.

Welcoming new volunteers

On 8th August, Navkshitij friends and staff members welcomed two new German Volunteers, Ms. Linn & Ms. Anna. They will be at Navkshitij for one year volunteer-ship service. Trustee Mrs. Divekar Maushi, Ms. Marie, Special Friends from Navkshitij and staff members welcomed them in a typical Indian Traditional Way of hospitality. 

Laura's Send Off Program

On 8th of August, We at Navkshitij organized the Farewell Party for Ms. Laura, a German volunteer. It is hard to say goodbye her. She dedicatedly and passionately completed her one year’s selfless volunteer-ship at Navkshitij.

Celebrating Friendship Day

“Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.

Walk beside me and be my friend.”


School, Day Workshop and Autistic Friends trip to Tamhini Ghat

On Friday, Special Friends from Day School, Day Workshop and Autism Center enjoyed the One Day Picnic at Tamhini Ghat. This picnic brought lots of happiness and excitement for Special Friends.