Orientation program on snakes

Orientation program on snakes

On June 29, an orientation program on snakes was organized at Navkshitij, Marunji, by a group of volunteers from the Wild Animals and Snakes Protection Society, Marunji. 

The programme began with a warm welcome by our Friends and staff members, in the presence of Navkshitij Trustee Mrs. Vasudha Divekar. Then Mr. Ganesh Bhumkar presented an informative slide show on snakes.

Mr. Ganesh and his colleagues showed one venomous and one non-venomous snake to the audience.

Thank you very much, Mr. Ganesh Bhumkar, Mr. Tushar Pawar, Mr. Sagar Buchade, Mr. Shekhar Jambulakar and Mr. Deepak Kamble.

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