Trek to Bahadurgad

Trek to Bahadurgad

On June 30, we went on a trek to Bahadurgad, on the bank of the River Bhima, in Pedgaon near Daund, Pune, for the monthly trek. The place is known by several names such as Bhadhurgad, Pedgaon cha killa and Dharmaveer gad. We were visiting the place for the first time.

Our Friends visited the temples built in the 14th century by the ancestors of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 

After reaching the fort, we enjoyed s tasty lunch prepared by the local villagers. 

Throughout the trek, we were enlightened about the history of the fort by Mr. Achalere and Dr. Nilesh, who are associated with Shivdurg Savardhan Trust, which is playing a significant role in conserving forts. 

Thank you Mr. Achalere, Dr. Nilesh and Team Fiserv for your valuable support!

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