Sunny Days at Navkshitij: Embracing Summer Joy and Growth

Highlights of the Month:

  • Refreshing sugarcane juice is served weekly to all
  • Procurement of air coolers for all three centres
  • Installation of green net shade at Somatane centre
  • Introduction of outdoor activity: creating a plant nursery
  • Compassionate care at Somatane Centre by Bharat and Pankaj
  • Seasonal menu featuring mangoes, ice creams, and chat

Refreshing Treats and Cool Comfort:

Summertime at Navkshitij involves a range of activities tailored to the needs and abilities of our friends. We started off with refreshing sugarcane juice every week for two months for the entire unit, which includes all the staff. To beat the intense heat, we went shopping for air coolers for our three centres. We also got a green net shade fit at our Somatane centre to ward off the hot air from all the open sides. A new water cooler was purchased at the Talegaon centre. Every centre served cool water, as they had matkas, coolers, and refrigerators to serve the purpose.

Engaging Activities and Creative Pursuits:

We at Navkshitij pursue structured routine indoor activities during the day and enjoyable outdoor activities after the sun is down. Our special educators at Talegaon, Mrs. Pooja and Nitin Gaikwad, created notepads and colouring books with the paper-cutting machine that was donated to the center. The enthusiastic couple is very innovative, and they plan activities that the special friends enjoy. This summer, they involved our friends in an outdoor activity that involved creating a nursery for plants. Our friends enjoyed filling the bags with mud and placing them in neat rows under the specific place identified as a nursery.

Tailored Care and Compassionate Support:

At the Somatane Centre, our friends are over 45 years of age, so there is a lot of flexibility in their routine. They are allowed an afternoon nap after lunch, and they participate in tasks that they are comfortable with. Bharat and Pankaj, both half the age of our friends, are really compassionate souls who have learned to deal with our friends patiently and with love. God bless them both.

Seasonal Delights and Home-like Comfort:

The menu crafted (same at all centres) for summer is compliant with the season, and hence mangoes, ice creams, and chat are part of the evening snacks. This year, very few friends went home for their summer vacation; hence, we decided to give them good comfort at Navkshitij, their second home.

In summary, at Navkshitij, we’ve embraced summer with initiatives like sugarcane juice refreshments, air cooler installations, and outdoor activities such as creating a plant nursery. Our dedicated staff, exemplified by individuals like Bharat and Pankaj, provide compassionate care, ensuring comfort for our friends. The seasonal menu featuring mangoes, ice creams, and chat adds to the home-like comfort our friends experience. Navkshitij remains a place where our special friends thrive, finding joy and growth in every moment.

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