Pouch Chocolate (100gm)

Pouch Chocolate (100gm)

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We make delicious handmade chocolates, a universal favorite that transcends all barriers of age, race, religion and class. Chocolates can be gifted on a million occasions. In fact, there need not be an occasion to gift chocolates. There is a special flavour added when special people are involved in the process of making the chocolates and when the sale proceeds are used for their benefit. 

Delicacy Chocolates are prepared and packed at the workshop in our premises, under the vigilant supervision of our Workshop Manager who has been personally trained by an expert in making handmade chocolates. The products are eggless and made from dark compound, with no added sugar.

Our varieties include:

• Plain chocolates

• Assorted chocolates

• Dry fruit chocolates such as Almond and Cashew chocolates

• Chocolates with enticing essence and flavours.

Delicacy chocolates are available in 50 gm and 100 gm pouches, cones or hexa packs. While the 50 gm pack costs Rs 50 each, the 100 gm pack costs Rs 90 each.

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