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What We Do

Navkshitij believes that mentally challenged friends are entitled to a fulfilling life experience. We design a curriculum that recognizes and respects their innate skills and abilities.


Navkshitij Adventure Club organises treks ranging from low altitude climbs to high altitude trekking in Himalayan regions for mentally challenged friends. The members also participate in zorbing, paragliding and rappelling, and go on vacation to fascinating local and overseas destinations. Our mentally challenged friends also participate in marathons.


Navkshitij imparts life skills and vocational skills to mentally challenged adults. Our workshops in candle making, chocolate making, jewellery making, making natural colours, agarbattis, seed balls and compost, and handicrafts help us make products that are popular as corporate gifts. All the MCF are involved in the workshop activities. Participation in these activities gives them the satisfaction of doing something useful.

Civic Sense

Our mentally challenged friends create social awareness by staging street plays about the environment, traffic discipline and social issues such as the importance of a girl child, terrorism and organ donation. They undertake a cleanliness drive at every destination during their excursions.