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We visualise Navkshitij as a movement that helps create a world which offers mentally challenged friends (MCF) happiness, love, dignity and security, a life that is enjoyable, full of achievement-oriented activities, productivity and fulfilment, with an Early Intervention Program, Day School, residential homes for adult MCF, plus training programs that train personnel to handle mentally challenged friends, and in this way motivate, assist and guide groups of parents to start units on the guidelines laid down by Navkshitij, thus ensuring rehabilitation back to society.


The mission of Navkshitij is to create a world that offers mentally challenged friends (MCF) a life filled with happiness, dignity, warmth, excitement and joy and helps them be an accepted part of society, and where parents of adult MCF have the reassurance of seeing their wards leading their lives happily, and in this way motivate and empower other NGOs and parents to start many centres like Navkshitij, replicating the Navkshitij model.

We established our first permanent residential center in Marunji where 'special friends' can live with their peers. Navkshitij has set up another residential facility at Asawali, with a capacity of 60 mentally challenged adults.

We understand that it becomes increasingly difficult for parents to nurture mentally challenged children as they grow up. We are committed to the well-being of mentally challenged adults during their lifetime.

We regularly meet other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working for rehabilitation of mentally challenged persons to share experiences and impart skills.

Dedicated individuals working for the betterment of special friends

In 2007 we have established to improve the well-being of mentally challenged friends – we take them under our wing, organize activities, teach them life skills and vocational skills, encourage them to become as independent as possible, and nurture them in a compassionate environment.

We currently have two units, at Marunji and Asawali. We established the second unit in 2014, at Kusgaon and later shifted to Asawali in 2017.

The idea of Navkshitij took shape while planning and organizing a walkathon from Pune to Lonavla, for mentally challenged friends. Dr. Neelima Desai and the organisers discussed the need to set up a center for mentally challenged friends.

Navkshitij was established on November 27, 2003, the day of the walkathon. Initially, we set up a day care centre. In June 2007, became a residential home facilitywith separate hostel units for men and women. Navkshitij also runs an Early Intervention Programme and a Day School and Day Workshop. We have also started separate Day Workshop unit for autistic friends. Through rehabilitating MCF, we rehabilitate families.

Currently we have 52 mentally challenged adult friends living with us for life in the Marunji campus and nine mentally challenged friends residing at our second unit in Asawali on the Pune Satara National Highway, near Shirwal. Twenty-six mentally challenged friends are benefitting from our facilities including the Day School, Day Workshop and Autistic centre.

For the betterment of Mentally Challenged Friends, we have a dedicated and committed team of 46 staff members. We acquired a dilapidated dwelling from the Irrigation department at Marunji on lease and made it habitable within ten weeks.


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