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The aim of our Workshop is to impart vocational training to as a therapy and as “education” for intellectually challenged persons.

The main objectives are:

  1. To give a good daily routine as a part of a regulated day to our mentally challenged friends (MCF) and help enhance their innate skills.
  2. To engage the MCF in exciting learning activities, through which to increase productivity

The Workshop is an advocacy effort to promote the training of people with disabilities.

At Navkshitij, we have different workshop activities where the MCF make Chocolates, Jewellery, Handmade Paper Bags, Envelopes, Greeting Cards, Natural Colour, Agarbattis, Scented Candles and Diyas, and Pen Stands.

An MCF cannot express himself or herself the way a normal person can. The products are an expression of the MCF’s happiness and visibility of their involvement and commitment to an activity. Apart from actively participating in making the products, the MCF are also involved in wrapping, packaging and selling the products.

Benefits from the workshop:

  1. Offers a daily regulated routine for the MCF
  2. Improves productivity, which helps reduce hyperactivity and builds confidence and self-respect in the MCF.
  3. Increases feeling of self-worth. The MCF feel good participating in a useful activity and raising some money which is used for their well-being.
  4. Ups their self-dignity and self-respect, which can be seen in their gait and countenance.
  5. Raises their self-confidence and joy, especially when they see their products ready for despatch.