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Our Workshop activities have been carefully designed to address the mental and psychological requirements of our Friends. We take into consideration the physical condition and mental make-up of every Friend before assigning him/her to a Workshop activity.

There are two core areas on which our workshop activities are focused:

  1. Chocolate making; making natural colour powder, natural agarbattis, seed balls and compost, candles, jewellery, paper lanterns, handmade paper bags, rangoli patterns, cloth bags, greetings and envelopes.
  2. Performing Arts – Dance, Drama, Music etc.

Benefits of the activities:

  1. Regulation: Offers a regulated daily routine for the mentally challenged friends (MCF).
  1. Discipline: Disciplines their day; as adults, they need to have a chalked out day.
  1. Self-confidence: Being involved in productive work gives the MCF a surge of confidence.
  1. Self-esteem: Enhances their self-esteem.
  1. Reduced behavioural problems: 80% of them have behavioural problems, which mainly arise from boredom and frustration. The workshop activity helps bring down behavioural issues in the MCF.
  1. Self-expression: Music and dance give the MCF an opportunity to express themselves.
  1. Co-ordination: The MCF learn to coordinate their movements. They also learn to perform in coordination with others.
  1. Happiness: The MCF derive immense happiness and joy.
  1. Interaction with other MCF and with mainstream society: The MCF participates in competitive events; thus, they get a platform for interacting with other MCF and with mainstream society.
  1. Increase happiness quotient: When the MCF perform to an audience and get a standing ovation or win prizes, every other joy will pale in comparison to the joy on their faces.