I visited Navkshitij in early 2019, after a gap of many years. There was a sea change everywhere. The campus had been developed so much.

I was struck by the eco-friendly activities, especially making products from Nirmalaya from temples. Workshop coordinator Mr. Eknath showed us around patiently. He explained how natural powder is made from the flowers. He also showed us samples of seed balls. The finish of the seed balls is really very good. The concept of minimal wastage is admirable. The concept is very close to my heart too.

A special pat for the special friends. The new variety of candles that has been introduced is excellent. I’m sure that if I gave the cupcake candle to my grandchildren they will bite it and try to eat it. It looked so real.

I wish Navkshitij huge success in all its endeavours.

By Mrs Meenakshi Shankar, Well-wisher

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