Our Team

Our Guiding Spirit

Dr. Neelima Desai

Founder President, Navkshitij

Few have demonstrated that it is not an event but our response to the event that shapes our lives. Dr. Neelima Desai was one such person. Giving birth to a mentally challenged girl, Aditi, brought her world crashing down.

Dr. Neelima did not react to the situation. Rather, she went on to make the best of the challenge thrown at her. This proactive response gave a purpose to her life.

Dr. Neelima launched Navkshitij, a home for mentally challenged adults. A practising doctor, she had no prior experience in the areas of creating organisations, leadership, management, etc. Her purpose and relentless efforts together propelled her. She always led from the front. She put together a passionate, compassionate and skilled team of caregivers and administrators.

Navkshitij kept evolving through continuous improvements, adopting best practices and creating new benchmarks. Today, Navkshitij is a role model for other NGOs.

Dr. Neelima was a true leader. She not only built a great organisation but also created and nurtured a team capable of carrying forward her legacy.  Now, Navkshitij is reaching new heights, having a significant impact on society.

Board of Trustees


Dr. Chandrashekhar Desai

Vice President

Mr. C. E. Potnis

Managing Trustee

Prof. Smita Shetty


Mrs. Vasudha Divekar


Mr. Suneel Kulkarni

Trustee Member

Adv. Sujata Kulkarni

Trustee Member

Mrs. Kanaka Cadambi

Trustee Member

Mr. Anirudha Todkar

Advisory Board Members

Mr. Chandrakant Dalvi

Cdr. Shrirang Bijur

Dr. (Capt.) C.M. Chitale

Mr. Vivek Sawant

The Core Team

General Manager, Operations

Mr. Rameshwar Fundipalle

Administrative Manager

Mr. Balu Kundlik Wayal

Facilities Manager

Mr. Mahendra Suryavanshi


Mr. Santosh

Office Assistant

Mrs. Ashvini Prashant Gudade

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