I remember Navkshitij ever since my memory can take me back. I remember the long meetings that Dr. Neelima Desai (Neelima aunty to me) and my mother Kanaka used to have in our house in Pune. As a child I used to think, Wow, this idea is amazing.

I have been exposed to social work, but only through seeing Neelima aunty working I learnt that so much effort goes into running an organization this huge. Hats off to her and the entire Navkshitij team for helping this organization grow so beautifully over the years. Even now it amazes me how each caregiver is so patient.

I always wondered how I could help Neelima Aunty. When I was old enough I remember helping aunty deciding the colour combinations for the uniform. It was a small act but I was so thrilled to be doing something for Navkshitij.

I don’t think I have ever seen a social organization address so many issues such as environment preservation, traffic discipline and nationalism.

I’ve been to Navkshitij so many times and I love spending time there. Whenever I go, it’s a reset button for me. Every visit makes me introspect. How can I be a better human being?

I’ve learnt from Navkshitij Friends never to give up on oneself. It’s inspiring how the special friends encourage each other to push their boundaries. They cheer, encourage and show compassion to the others around them. They are so grounded. This is something we lack today. We are all so focused on getting others down that we have forgotten Humanity and Love.

Thank you, Navkshitij, for the wonderful experiences and lessons.

By Aparna Aditya Seshan, a well-wisher

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