INTERACTING with our Friends is very interesting. Often we gain great insights. One day, during lunchtime, one of the girls said, “Madam, my father gets angry very often and then my daddy and mom start fighting. But Madam, I just ignore it.” And she started laughing. I said, “Good.” Then another girl came and began telling me how she also gets disturbed when she goes home and finds her parents fighting. “I get very upset when they fight in front of me. They fight a lot.”

The first girl joined the conversation. Soon it was the two of them discussing their common problem of parents fighting. The first girl advised the second girl to simply ignore the fight.

The second girl then turned to me and with determination in her voice, “Madam, I have also decided to ignore it when my parents fight.” And then the best part was, the two girls started laughing.

I consider myself so lucky to be a part of our Friends’ lives, be privy to many of their problems, and learn how they handle problems in their daily lives. I salute them every day.

By Dr. Neelima Desai, Founder President & MD

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