I spent the last six weeks working as a volunteer at Navkshitij. Because the volunteer room was not available, I stayed under one roof with the special friends during my visit. Besides some minor challenges that arose because of that constellation, it wasn’t a problem for me at all. Looking back, I think that I got an even better impression of the special friends’ everyday life because of that.

I am happy to have been able to help in all the different workshop units as well as in the Day School. I had never worked with specially-abled young children before and found it really interesting to see how they learn basic motor skills with little exercises and games in a small group with individual support as per everyone’s abilities.

It was also great to be involved in other activities ranging from playing games with the special friends or staff members to teaching tricks on the trampoline. Through participating in the trips and treks, I was also able to see a great deal of the beautiful green Indian nature during the rainy season.

Special events like the stall at BMC and the drama class for the special educators were also really exciting for me, especially because of my previous drama play experience in Germany.

I enjoyed my stay at Navkshitij, and am thankful for the great experience. Although I only stayed for a short time, I feel like I’ve got a good insight into the Indian culture and will go home with great memories.

By Paul Ruben Grosse-Boes, Volunteer from Germany

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