OPPORTUNITIES come knocking at unexpected times. A big one did, last month, bringing with it a huge challenge.

We got a huge chocolate order from Vansum Industries, Pune. Taking the order was a bit of a challenge. Our head of the chocolate unit, Anuradha, our Workshop Manager and some Friends from the chocolate unit were on holiday. The head of our Natural Colours Unit, Aarati, who handles the chocolate unit in the absence of Anuradha, accepted the challenge.

There were endless problems. The number of chocolate slabs available was less. Since, the slabs melt in summer, we keep less stock. Our regular vendor was not responding to calls. As if this was not enough, there was frequent and unpredictable electricity failure.

All the heads of the other units in the Workshop, their staff members and some special friends joined us. They decided to complete the order by working after Workshop hours. They worked until 11 pm and made sure that the order was completed well before time.

My colleagues Aarati, Ekanath Sir, Prashant Sir, Shivani Patil Madam, Manjula and Friends Raj, Kunal and Sushama put in great efforts to complete the order. I am very proud of my team. They completed the order in spite of so many difficulties. I am reassured that the culture of reliability and commitment will continue at Navkshitij.

By Dr. Neelima Desai, Founder President & MD

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