Success Stories

Shalaka Sathe

Hi, I am Shalaka, Monika’s sister. I fall asleep easily, and that can happen anywhere and anytime. Wherever I am, I can just catch a wink until someone shakes me out of my slumber. I address all the males here as Dada, and if he does not pay attention to what I’m saying, I make […]

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Rachit Tondon

They say that I have CP. I don’t know what it means, but I have difficulty walking; you see, I find it difficult to control the movement of my arms and legs. As far as possible, I try to move around by myself. I like to watch the others play, but I take care to

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Prajyot Bhat

Namaskaram. Yana Prajyot… sorry, sorry… I’ve started speaking Kannada. That’s my mother tongue. But I can converse in Marathi too. I speak slowly and am very attentive to what others are saying. I have less vision and so cannot see clearly but I keep a close eye on what my friends are doing. I keep

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Praful Brahme

Namaskar, I am Praful Brahme, the ever-smiling gatekeeper of Navkshitij. I love to greet all guests with a broad smile and a rich, throaty laugh. Those who visit Navkshitij regularly love to hear the roaring sound of my laughter. Prafulla means happy, and I make everyone happy with my laughter.I hate doing any work at

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Harshada Shintre

Hi, I am Harshada from Alibag. I am a Konkani and Konkanis are strict people. This makes them unpopular.I love making friends, and I have a special friend named Sushma. My parents have a big resort at Alibag, where we all go for a two-day trip. It’s facing the sea, and we all have a

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Gautam Gat

Hi, I am Gautam Gat, the tiniest amongst all my friends. I am like a chuha. I’m in my thirties, though I look much younger. I don’t get awed by the hefty dadas here. I take panga if anyone interferes in my work and go charging at them. This scares them, so they keep to

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Abhijit Khare

I am Abhijeet, always concerned about what is going to happen. I am worried about the unexpected and I am very fearful. I feel something untoward is going to happen to me. I long to go back home at all times. My friends also tease me when I do not obey orders and say that

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Giriraj Dhekane

Hey guys, I am Giriraj, the first male inmate of Navkshitij. Aditi and I were the first two admissions to the residential home.I support my special friends however I can, and so they call me the King. The one who protects his subjects. Haha, isn’t this too much?I also worked as an office assistant here

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Aditi Desai

I am Aditi. Baba fondly calls me “my little Zen master.” I don’t really understand it but he says, “Those who act without acting are Zen masters.” Navkshitij started because I am who I am, without me doing anything. When I was small, Aai and Baba tried to teach me so many things but I

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