Residential Workshop

Navkshitij established the first permanent residential unit in Marunji, in June 2007, where mentally challenged adults can live with their peers for their lifetime. Navkshitij has set up another residential facility at Asawali. Currently, there are 52 Friends residing at Marunji and nine at the Asawali Unit.

Autism Centre

“Navkshitij launched the Autism Centre 2015, to create a program for adults on the Autism Spectrum. Navkshitij utilizes standardized educational practices to improve the outcome for adults on the autism spectrum. The core philosophy of Autism Center lies in the belief that individuals of varying abilities can be taught functional skills to lead independent, productive, and rewarding lives as adults. Wealso conduct activities for spiritual development such as prayer, yoga and meditation. These activities complement the lessons on self-hygiene by our special educators. “

Day Workshop

Navkshitij imparts life skills and vocational skills to mentally challenged adults. Our workshops in candle making, chocolate making, jewellery making, pottery, and handicrafts enable them to make products that are popular as corporate gifts.All the MCF are involved in the workshop activities. Participation in these activities gives them the satisfaction of doing something useful.

Day School

Navkshitij Day School – a Special School for children with special need started in the year 2016. It offers educational, vocational and life skill activities along with various therapies to these individuals by adapting and modifying the curriculum to suit the potential of the child. The Rehabilitation Council of India’s recommendation of a multi-disciplinary team approach is implemented. The team consists of Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Special Educator and Assistants under one roof.

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