Unleashing Potential: The Transformative Power of Adventure Activities for Persons with Intellectual Disability 

Navkshitij’s Groundbreaking Parenting Care Model

Rights-Based Approach for People with Intellectual Disability

Different Folks, Different Strokes: Behavioral Issues in the Intellectually Disabled

Life Skill Training for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Nurturing Independence: A Glimpse into Navkshitij’s March Endeavors

The Most Important Days of My Life Were at Navkshitij

Every Visit Makes Me Introspect

Do Special Friends Have Emotions and Feelings?

Our Colleagues’ Love for Us – Truly Irreplaceable

Understand, Assimilate, Forgive: A Friend Shows Us How

Good Insight into Indian Culture

Gaining Great Insights

Proud of My Team

Admirable concept

Shalaka Sathe

Rachit Tondon

Prajyot Bhat

Praful Brahme

Harshada Shintre

Gautam Gat

Amol Gangapurkar

Abhijit Khare

Giriraj Dhekane

Aditi Desai

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