I am Abhijeet, always concerned about what is going to happen. I am worried about the unexpected and I am very fearful. I feel something untoward is going to happen to me. I long to go back home at all times. My friends also tease me when I do not obey orders and say that my trip home is cancelled.
This makes me feel bad. I see to it that they take back their word… Cancel?
My favourite seasons are summer and winter. I enjoy winter because it is Diwali season, which means I get to eat a lot of sweets. In summer, you get mangoes. So that’s also the best time of the year. When I get back here after the vacation, I am teased for having put on weight. But I do not mind that because I am a foodie and love to eat. I have heard my friends say that I look good and smart.
My parents dote on me as I am their only child. They pamper me a lot when I go home.