Hi, I am Gautam Gat, the tiniest amongst all my friends. I am like a chuha. I’m in my thirties, though I look much younger. I don’t get awed by the hefty dadas here. I take panga if anyone interferes in my work and go charging at them. This scares them, so they keep to themselves.
My friends lovingly call me Chota Balkrishna. Weren’t Balkrishna’s pranks such a legend? I am also quite mischievous. When I crave for attention, I hide in a hole and send the whole gang frantically searching for me. I enjoy watching them run hither and thither looking for me. And, finally, when I jump out of the hole, no one is mad at me.
I am very fond of the little kids on the campus and often play with them. Their parents are relieved when I take it upon myself to look after them. I keep a close watch on their whereabouts. So I’m also known as the CCTV camera of Navkshitij.