Namaskar, I am Praful Brahme, the ever-smiling gatekeeper of Navkshitij. I love to greet all guests with a broad smile and a rich, throaty laugh. Those who visit Navkshitij regularly love to hear the roaring sound of my laughter. Prafulla means happy, and I make everyone happy with my laughter.
I hate doing any work at the workshop, so you will see me seated comfortably on a chair in the corridor outside the workshop, watching the gate. I run small errands such as delivering parcels or posts from one department to another and enjoy showing visitors around the Navkshitij campus.
They say that to remove the poison from a scorpion bite, the person has to be slapped hard. I believe in this theory.
Whenever there is an argument or a quarrel, I give a tight slap to whoever tries to mediate and thus solve the dispute. Everyone laughs and then all is well.
I enjoy staying here with my friends at Navkshitij.