Namaskaram. Yana Prajyot… sorry, sorry… I’ve started speaking Kannada. That’s my mother tongue. But I can converse in Marathi too. I speak slowly and am very attentive to what others are saying. I have less vision and so cannot see clearly but I keep a close eye on what my friends are doing. I keep lecturing them about what to do and what not to do. You see, I behave like their elder brother.

I like doing physical exercises, and hence I am the PT sir for all these guys here. I keep advising my friends to exercise regularly and stay trim and slim. Arre, but when I lecture them, they burst into laughter and make fun of me. It’s ok because, though I am quite fat, I keep lecturing them on becoming slim.

Whatever it is, life at this beautiful institution is good fun, and I enjoy
staying here with my friends.